Aluminum Egg Crate Core
Aluminum and Steel Diffusion
  Egg Crate Grille
  Lourve Faced and Bevel Faced Diffuser
  Single Deflection and Double
  Deflection Grille

  Door Grille
  Fixed Blade Return Air Grille
  0° and 30° Fixed Blade Diffuser
  Ouertside Air Louvre
  Round Diffuser
  Linear Slot Diffuser
  Jet Diffuser
  Supply and Exhaust Valve
  Opposite Blade Damper (OBD)

Plastic Grille
Flexible Duct
Fire Damper


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  Guangzhou Grandaire Co Ltd, formerly called Zhenye A/C Decorative Fittings Factory, has been established for 18 years and is specialized in manufacturing a wide range of diffusers and grilles for A/C industry for domestic and overseas markets. With a strong commitment to quality and timed delivery, we have been exporting more than 3.5 million US dollars of products to overseas markets each year, including USA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Spain, Israel and other countries.

With a working area of more than 2,500sqms, an experienced tool room and 100+ skilled staff, we make a wide range of egg crate sheets, diffusers and grilles. The aluminum egg crate sheets include 12.7mm x 12.7mm and 15mm x 15mm in various thickness material and sizes. The diffusers and grilles include Louvre Faced Diffusers (LFD), Bevel Faced Diffuser (BFD), Egg Crate Grille (ECG), Single Deflection Grille (WSS) and Double Deflection Grille (WSD), Egg Crate Return Air Grille, Door Grille (DG), Fixed Blade Diffusers, Outside Air Louvre (OAL), Round Diffuser, Linear Slot Diffuser (LSD), Jet Diffusers, Fire Dampers, Plastic Grilles and others. A/C accessories include neck adaptor, Kwiki Kit, manual damper blade, mounting clips and other accessories.

Since its establishment, Grandaire has earned a good reputation among our customers, including the American and Australian customers, with the quality products, competitive pricing, on-time delivery and good services. With great experiences in making A/C diffusers and grilles and doing OEM for overseas customers, we will be able to make the products to meet your specifications.

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